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Since 2003, MWaste has helped hundreds of clients dispose of their waste
safely, responsibly, and cost-effectively.

Biomedical Waste Services

MWaste provides comprehensive service for the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste from virtually all generators of biohazardous and special waste.

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Hazardous Waste Services

MWaste provides hazardous waste collection and education services for a variety of hazardous products.

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Recycling Services

MWaste has a recycling service to fit your need. From paper & cardboard products, to glass, plastic & metal containers.

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Waste Services

We provide disposal programs for expired pharmaceuticals and training programs to educate staff.

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Electronic Waste and
Lightbulb Recycling

MWaste can collect & dispose of light bulbs, mercury containing devices, and recycle outdated electronics.

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Document & Hard Drive
Destruction Services

MWaste can help you develop and implement a cost-effective, secure and compliant document destruction solution for HIPAA and other confidential documents and media.

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